2006 Kawasaki Klx300R Street Legal

You can go in one of two directions, depending on your needs and local DMV requirements. The “ghetto” approach I did with my KLX. Plug a dual-filament socket and bulb into the taillight, turn on a brake light switch, put on a mirror and you`re good to go. Or you can make an “official” double sports kit like the Baja Designs. If I had to follow the “official” route, there is no doubt that I would make a double sport trick kit. Dale is a member of TT and owner/operator of Trick Dual Sport. He knows all the tricks, is extremely service-oriented and can set you up with a custom or commercial configuration. Highly recommended. Keep in mind that almost all DS conversions are not 100% legal. In California, for example, it is almost impossible to be 100% – that is: steel tank, battery that illuminates the motorcycle for 20 minutes when the engine is killed, etc., etc., etc. Good luck. Post on the Dual Sport TT forum for Dale or for more information about the specific state of yoru.

Bill So, I think my dreams of legal KLX on the road are pretty much shattered as long as I live in the great state of Nebraska. I looked for kits to make my KLX300 legal on the road, as I like the idea of being able to ride on the trails and occasionally drive to work in good weather. I am looking for suggestions from people who have also done this conversion. If you have close friends in the CO, “sell it”, let them title it and “buy it back”. You can get a road rights sign and title in the CO without a government official ever seeing your machine. All you need is insurance and the original title with the appropriate signatures. I would help you, but I live in the far northwest of the state. Good luck.

I screwed two of my sport with a single mirror and the plate in the rear wing. No one ever looks at me twice. I just bought a `06 KLX300R and I`m also very interested in making it legal on the road to make it easier to drive on local trails. I posted on the New England Dirt Bikes forum and asked for advice, I haven`t received any yet. [Edit 1: from another post I commented. “There is a set of power outlets under the lighthouse. With a recommended 15A fuse, you can power up to 85W of it.